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Whether you’re seeking advice on personal or business-related matters, I’m your go-to source. As a professional Consultant, I am ready to guide you every step of the way. My business partners see the benefits of working with me, and we love to share experiences. Check out my current partners and contact me today if you would like to schedule a meeting with one of them!


Danzy Bird, Co.

Founded in 2016, Danzy Bird & Co is a digital agency catered to designing strategy and promotion for small creative businesses. Check them out here: 

Adrian S. Taylor - AdrianSpeaks

Adrian S. Taylor is an accomplished business leader, possessing a broad range of professional experience. He is a speaker, consultant, resource facilitator and pastor. Adrian specializes in business development, board governance, transformational organization change, and administration. You can get more details here:

Springhill Community Impact Programs

Springhill Community Impact Programs (SCIP) is a non-profit organization focused on transforming lives through education, economic mobility, health, and community care.

Polynice Productions

Polynice Productions is our partner for finished and professional videography projects. Owner, Tommy A. Polynice, has taken his real-world experience and combined it with his formal education to provide clients with a professional partnership. Visit Polynice Productions on Instagram and YouTube.

More to come!

We are always working to grow our partnerships to offer you the best services. Check back often to see how we've grown.